Our Mission, Vision and Values


To guide and support people facing soil and ground water contamination problems by designing and implementing rehabilitation solutions, restoring peace of mind


Environnement Inter-Action is recognised as a leader in contaminated sites rehabilitation in Québec, in Canada and internationally. The company has a specific expertise in the application of treatment methods on site, especially on sites contaminated by petroleum products. Therefore, it can design strategic plans in order to remove the environmental liability of large companies in the industrial and commercial sector as well as governmental institutions in a globalized economy


1) To strive for excellence in services offered and a unique expertise in environment and petroeum equipment

2) To offer tangible and applicable decontamination and rehabilitation solutions for contaminated sites

3) To serve customers in responding quickly to their needs

4) To use clear, direct and intelligible communications

5) To provide a professional independence in order to offer an uncompromising neutrality and versatility

It is a privilege to serve you!